Red Velvet Brownie

Rich red velvet dough, loaded with milk and white chocolate chunks. Each cookie is stuffed by hand with a two-bite brownie.

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten, Chocolate

Chocolate Candy Cane

Peppermint cookie dough, loaded with candy cane pieces, milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Each cookie is stuffed with rich belgian milk chocolate and topped with more candy cane and a white chocolate drizzle.

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten

Holiday Apple Pie

Apple pie dough is loaded with fresh spices, dried apple, cinnamon flakes and yogurt chips. Each cookie is stuffed with apple pie filling and topped with an apple cider drizzle

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten 

Spiced Gingerbread

Spiced gingerbread dough made with our house-made spice blend and real molasses. Each cookie is stuffed with cookie butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten 

Cookie Monster

Cookie monster dough, loaded with oreo cookies and milk chocolate chunks. Stuffed with house-made edible cookie dough and topped with a chocolate cookie crunch

Allergens: Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Chocolate

Birthday Cake

Birthday cake cookie dough, loaded with sprinkles, white chocolate, salted caramel chips and birthday cake goldfish. Each cookie is stuffed with white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. 

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten

Cookie Butter Skor

Cookie butter dough, loaded with skor bits and salted caramel chips. Each cookie is stuffed with gooey caramel and cookie butter. Topped with even more skor bits. 

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten, Almonds

Reese's Peanut Butter

Peanut butter dough, loaded with milk chocolate chunks and reese's pieces. Each cookie is stuffed with a king-sized reese's peanut butter cup and topped with even more reese's pieces. 

Allergens: Egg, Dairy, Gluten, Chocolate, Peanuts