Ordering Questions

How does it work?

Can I order cookies in advance or for a specific date?

Do you have a location that I can visit or pick up from?

Can I order more than 12 cookies online?

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

Valentine's Day Gifting

Can you deliver on Valentine's Day?

How much is Valentine's Day Local Delivery?

Can I order contactless pick up for Valentine's Day gifts?

What ship out date should I select to get cookies for Valentine's Day?

What box should I get for my special someone?

Gifting Questions

Can I get YVR cookies as a gift for someone?

Can I send boxes to multiple people at different addresses?

Corporate Ordering

Cookie Questions

What is your Signature YVR Cookie Dough?

Do you have gluten free options?

How long do your cookies stay fresh for?

Reheating Tips


Do you have nutrition information?


Order Cut Off and Ship Out Date

How long does it take to get my cookies shipped to me?

Do my cookies stay fresh through the shipping process?

What is the difference in your shipping options?